LeanTwo Backyard Building Panels

Posted July 31, 2009 by leantwo
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A LeanTwo is an affordable do-it-yourself building structure that can be assembled without any tools. These structures come in different sizes and varieties. LeanTwos can be made into Greenhouses, Dog Kennels, Chicken Coops, Aviaries, Storage Sheds, and other useful structures.

High Quality Construction and Treatment

We use only the highest quality, construction grade lumber when creating LeanTwo panels. We coat the lumber with McCloskey storm coat, redwood stain (which McCloskey states lasts an estimated 8 years in outdoor conditions). These 4 foot by 8 foot panels are designed so that they can be transported and assembled without difficulty.

LeanTwo Assembly and Information

LeanTwos are designed to be affordable, multipurpose, long lasting structures. Each LeanTwo structure is composed of different interchangeable panels. The type of panels will vary depending on the resulting structure you require. These panels are easy to assemble and disassemble to be reused as needed in a variety of applications. Any number of completed LeanTwos can be connected to create a very large structure.

Advantages of Diffused Sunlight
The Corrugated plastic material used on our LeanTwo is made up of a translucent sheeting material which reflects and disperses the available sunlight throughout the enclosed environment, providing the ultimate Diffused Sunlight for your plants.
Plants exposed to Diffused Sunlight can absorb light energy from more leaves, compared to exposure to Direct Sunlight which is concentrated on the uppermost leaves.
Diffused Sunlight scatters the available sunlight into many different angles so that the energy from the sun is reflected throughout the enclosed environment to provide a constant warm light (without shadow areas) preventing the stress and burn spots caused by direct sunlight. This increase in the food producing photosynthesize that takes place greatly improves the plants growth and development.

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